Enable ProcMon Bootlogging via CLI

1. From a browser, navigate to: live.sysinternals.com/procmon.exe to download Process Monitor directly to your system.

2. Navigate to the directory where ProcMon is saved.

3. Run the following command to enable bootlogging:

Procmon.exe /AcceptEula /Quiet /EnableBootLogging

4. Ready to reboot your system:

shutdown /r /t 0

5. Once your system boots back up, open a Command Prompt where your ProcMon.exe resides.

6. Run the following command to automate the converting of the unsaved boot log and skip the dialog box:

Procmon.exe /AcceptEula /ConvertBootLog C:\My\Bootlog.pml

7. Make sure you open your ProcMon to make sure that it’s readable, and not corrupt!